Imagine if every single time you forgot how thirsty you were, someone showed you a pitcher of water that you weren’t allowed to drink. That’s how I feel with these Final Fantasy XV animated short films, and the latest one, titled Omen is no different. Check it out below!


This trailer highlights an omen that Noctus’ dad is seeing of dark times ahead. As always anything Final Fantasy XV related is going to look like it was painted with heaven’s own brush. The movie looks even better than the game, with some of the most realistically stunning visuals I have ever seen, let alone in a Final Fantasy title.

Final Fantasy XV will be launching on Xbox One and PS4 on November 29th, after numerous delays ultimately leading up to this release date. The film themed after the game, titled Kingsglaive is already available on PlayStation digital and a few other media platforms.

It would seem as though we’re counting down the days to one of gaming’s most anticipated launches. One can only hope that after all of this time, the game will live up to the hype. I for one, believe we can expect great things from this title!


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