If you’re like me, and you’ve already been excited for Final Fantasy XV for several years now, E3 was an event you wouldn’t want to have missed. Final Fantasy XV was well represented, with trailers for the main game, a VR experience, the Kingsglaive film, the Brotherhood anime, and much more.

Final Fantasy XV is a step in a different direction for the critically acclaimed RPG series. Rather than the traditional turn-based combat that the series sort of pioneered, the game will take a real time action approach. With epic soundtrack collaborations with the likes of Afrojack and Florence and the Machine, Final Fantasy XV is already boasting a great reputation and a rag-tag team of collaborators.

Final Fantasy 15The Platinum Demo for this game is available on PS4 and Xbox One, for players who want to experience the game’s mechanics without spoiling the story for themselves. It also showcases the engine and some of the visual perks of a game this large in scale.

With a development cycle spanning something close to five years, Final Fantasy XV is the most anticipated game on a lot of lists. Players who are interested in the game can check out the trailer here.

There was also a showcase of some boss battle gameplay at the Xbox press conference, which showed the heroes fighting against a rock golem creature. It was in essence, a beauty. The combat looks great, the environment looks unique, and the engine is beautiful.

Having played the Platinum Demo myself, the mechanics feel great. It controls like a dream, and the ability to switch between weapons and warp around the map serve for a very customizable battle flow.

Fans interested in this game can give it a purchase on September 30th. Fans in the US can catch the Kingsglaive movie in August.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/zazcxav

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