Award-winning MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is celebrating its third birthday, and is still welcoming new players to the world of Eorzea. Figures have now reached six million players globally (excluding free trial members) and the development team plan to commemorate the landmark occasion.


The team hosted a 14-hour live broadcast, inviting viewers to join them on this massive gaming session. The broadcast featured the 31st instalment of producer/director Naoki Yoshida’s ‘Letter from the Producer LIVE’ series, in which Yoshida discussed fan feedback, upcoming content amongst other topics. He went on to reveal details of the upcoming Patch 3.4, which is scheduled for release on September 27th. The patch will feature new main quests, trials, dungeons as well the final stage of 8-player raid Alexander and much more.

The game continues giving with the ongoing seasonal event “The Rising”, containing in-game rewards for players to enjoy. Given Final Fantasy XIV has been out for a while, its refreshing to see that its growing community is being rewarded for their loyalty, with a plethora of new content through frequent updates, including a recent collaboration with LEVEL-5 to bring characters from the role-playing series YO-KAI WATCH.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available on Windows PC, PS3 and PS4.


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