You won’t find many games where you deal with a boss that has a trillion HP, but Trillion: God of Destruction is one of them.


Now you might be asking yourself, how do you even defeat a boss with that much health? Well, you train your Overlords when Trillion sleeps, raising their stats so they can one day defeat the ancient evil that’s plaguing the world. The game is quite unique by today’s standards, making it especially interesting for people that like unique game mechanics, story and so on.


Trillion is a game that combines rogue elements, a strong story, interesting characters, and the boss himself, who requires a lot of tactical thinking and sacrifices to defeat. You also have time alone with your Overlords in between battles, so you can even have some romance in this grim situation, but it’s not required, it’s up to you to decide if you want to develop some romance. Just so you know, the Overlord that you like may get sacrificed in the future for the sake of defeating Trillion!


If you like longevity, Trillion has a New Game+ and over ten endings, so you’ll want to play the game multiple times to see how much the endings differ from one another!


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