A year ago, Bethesda Game Studios have released one of the greatest games ever made, Fallout 4. With the release, they were awarded Game of the Year and Developer of the Year for 2015. They even got awarded Best Mobile Game for Fallout Shelter. As 2016 rolled by many players have already finished the game with not much more content to play with. Luckily Bethesda announced a couple of DLCs that will keep the game fresh. Their final one is Nuka-World. Not much info has been leaked about this DLC but Bethesda finally decided to post a trailer about it.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VSh8tBhJaU[/embedyt]

The trailer introduces us to Nuka Town’s greatest amusement park – Nuka World! Cheery music is playing while the trailer is leading us to the greatest spots in the park. We can see rollercoaster tracks, rides and a bunch of carnival games that you will be able to interact with. Unique park zones are also in the trailer. Safari Adventure, the World of Refreshment, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom and much more.

The game will feature new quests and storylines, Raiders factions, weapons, weapon mods, monsters, robots and other great additions. Modding will be fun and the trailer shows it. Electrified Paddle Ball is only one modified weapon out of many that will keep players entertained. fallout nukaworld

For all the excited fans that are ready to purchase Nuka-World, the release date is August 30 on all 3 platforms.


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