Image: ultimacodex

The Exiled, that game that’s trying to combine MOBA and sandbox genres, is having its final alpha from December 1st to December 21st!


The developers made sure to improve the game as much as possible with all of the feedback from the last alpha test. So, the version of the game that will be available during the final alpha test will without a doubt be the best version of the game yet!


This time, The Exiled will have a lot of game worlds to choose from, and each of them will support 150 or so concurrent players. An active player base is required in your game world if you want to defend against the daily attacks on the valley. If your world dies, every player will migrate as a refugee to another game world. Both the server performance and the tutorial have been greatly improved, and overall the game feels a lot more polished than it did before.


The in-game UI is much cleaner right now, as it was completely redesigned to show you only the important information when you need to see them.

The Exiled is shaping up to become quite an interesting title, so we’re really excited for the game’s release!


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