Once again, the amazing crew at Nexon has provided us with some intriguing information on their mount-based MMORPG Riders Of Icarus.ICARUS_LOGO We have an in-depth look at the crafting system that the game offers, as well as some cool screenshots.

Primarily, they’ve revealed that you’re able to craft things both for yourself and others. You can make armor, weapons, jewelry, pet potions, equipment, and even food.

You’re also able to make equipable armor and gear for your pets. As you get later into the game, you’re able to upgrade your older armor into new more updated pieces, to make them usable despite the time gap.

We also received some nifty screenshots, including a mouse-over of a pet item, and a Shining Mithril armor set that players will be able to craft in the future.


Players interested in trying out Riders Of Icarus are in luck, as the Open Beta is now officially available for public play. You can find our review of the game as of its open beta right here! For more information on the game as it becomes available, stay tuned here on MMOExaminer.


For access to the Open Beta as well as other information on the Nexon developed MMO, check out the official website right here.



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