Some of you might have heard about the monster hunting game Evolve, but for those who are still clueless, this game could be categorized as survival, co-op shooter arena.


The game rules are pretty simple. You and your friends gear up and enter the area where huge monster awaits. Your job is to take that monster down, but the twist is, that the monster isn’t AI, it’s another player. So, basically, it’s one against many. Even though this might sound unfair, the monsters capabilities are off the charts so it’s more than fair.

If you want to know more, buy the game and play it. This was a short crash course because we want to focus on the strange countdown that’s happening on the official Evolve site.

Image: Evolve Official

Mark #StageUp gives us plenty room to set our speculations and it really is intriguing. Could it be that the game is getting a sequel? Well, that seems quite ambitious. Even though the game brought something new and different to gaming platforms, it didn’t really have the impact developer thought it would. The worst thing about this game was the co-op. Yeah, it sounds funny because the game revolves around it. Unfortunately, if you didn’t have a group of friends to play with you would probably have a bad time playing the game.With that in mind, we simply can’t accept the possibility of the sequel, but, this countdown might prepare us for the new expansion. Will Turtle Rock Studios tweak the game and make it more bearable for the solo players? Only the time will tell.

Keep in mind that these are only ideas and speculations, and this countdown could mean anything. For now, we will sit tight and wait for the clock to hit zero.


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