2K_EVOLVE_STAGE2_ARTWORK_LOGOEvolve as of today has a new name. Earlier we talked about the mysterious countdown that was ticking and it seems that it was about this. Evolve: Stage 2 is the new title,and it’s completely free. Owners of the original title that paid for it will have full access to everything they bought and purchased so far. Additionally, they will get additional content as a reward for their loyalty.

New players who join the game now that it is free, will have weekly access to Hunters and Monsters. But, there will be a ton of ways to unlock your favorite characters. Moreover, Evolve now also has a new in-game currency called Silver Keys, and these keys can be earned in various ways. In addition to the daily challenges, there are also rewards for ranking up individual characters. Regarding your profile, your game progress won’t pass unnoticed and you will get rewarded for your work. Of course, there will also be daily sing-up awards, which will make players come back to the game in a regular manner.


There will be an option to buy and unlock different in-game things with real money, but for now, the developer Turtle Rock has not revealed any details.

In addition, Evolve: Stage 2 brings a handful of other improvements that mostly benefit the balance of the game. But, if you want to know more details, it is best to visit the official website of the game.


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