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Evil Geniuses, an organization that once had Jaedong on their StarCraft II among many other skilled professional StarCraft II players, announced today that it was parting ways with its roster for the game. Evil Geniuses’ roster was down to just iNcontroL and HuK.

Evil Geniuses in StarCraft

The organization has a long history in StarCraft II that began as early as 2009. What hurts the most for iNcontroL is that he was part of their original roster. According to his Twitter, the parting seemed to be more sorrow than sweet.

In 2012, the organization signed renowned Zerg player Jaedong, who won many titles and is considered one of the best players of the Brood War era of StarCraft. Jaedong’s fandom was so great, before he retired this past November, that a keyboard he used to play once sold at an auction for about U.S. $235.

According to theScore, iNcontroL announced as early as last November that he did not expect to continue with Evil Geniuses. According to a YouTube video by the professional gamer and streamer, Evil Geniuses was no longer viewing StarCraft II as financially viable.

This comes after a hard year for one of esports’ early titles. IGN ran a piece called The Rise and Fall of StarCraft II As An Esport, and even a Google search for “starcraft ii esports” suggests, as search completions, dying, news, teams, and dead, in that order.

starcraft ii
iNcontroL, via Liquipedia

Meanwhile, HuK, seeing the writing on the wall, has decided to focus on Overwatch.


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