Riot has released the details about the League of Legends LCS 2017 season, with start dates for the regular season and playoffs, full team list, and broadcast schedule.

League of Legends LCS 2017

The 2017 Season for NA LCS will begin with the Spring Split, starting January 20th. Tickets to see the matches live will become available for sale, at least for weeks one through four, as of this coming Monday, January 9th, at 1PM Pacific Time. January 9th will also mark the release of the match schedule, though some of the later weeks may change due to flex scheduling.

The full and final rosters for teams will also be released on January 9th. This follows the passing of the roster lock date, on January 4th, which was the deadline for teams to submit their finished rosters for the 2017 season. Any player not included on the roster as of that submission deadline will not be able to play in Week 1 of the Spring Split.

There are also a few changes to the league rules and regulations this year, which we discussed here.


The official opening of the 2017 Season will begin on January 20th at 3PM Pacific Time. Broadcasts will begin at 3PM on following Fridays as well, with Saturday and Sunday broadcasts starting at 12PM Pacific Time. The flex scheduling that starts after Week 4 means that, while the teams that play each other week by week won’t change, the day or time they play could change, or the stream on which the match is broadcast could change. They could also play in either one of the venues in Riot’s NA LCS Studio, the Arena or the Theater.

league of legends

Dates Further Out

Tickets will go on sale for matches after Week 4 in February. The Spring Playoffs will begin with the Quarterfinals on April 8th, with the finals scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd. The Summer Split is scheduled to start June 2nd. See the official post for full details.

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