EVE Online

Sometimes, bugs in video games can cause very harmful things. Such as the game to crash, or to make certain sections of gameplay unplayable, or impassable. Other kinds of bugs however, merely prey upon the game itself, or can be exploited by gamers to make themselves better, richer, or something else. Apparently, this has happened in EVE Online.

However, the team have been made aware of this exploit bug, which concerns Citadels and Engineering complexes that can cause the generation of Tech II Blueprint Originals upon their destruction. Sound like a lot of jargon? Don’t worry, we’ll explain. Basically, players get an item of value when they destroy these buildings, even though they shouldn’t be getting it like this. If they accumulate? It can become very valuable to the player doing the exploit.

Apparently, this whole thing started during the destruction of a Raitaru class Engineering Complex in the system of Perimeter. Not long after, a bunch of players made the team behind EVE Online aware of what was going on.
EVE Online

Now, while the act of getting this bug wasn’t harmful at first, as it was likely discovered by accident, anyone who now tries to capitalize on this exploit will be sanctioned by the team. While owning them right now is not a crime, the attempt to mass sell them, or other worthy offenses will be punished by the team. This can lead to a banning, suspension of account, or other actions depending on the crime itself, and how merciful the team feels.

So, if you’re playing EVE Online, and are wanting to do this exploit…beware!


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