EVE Online is a Sci-Fi massively multiplayer online game published and developed by CCP Games.


The game puts you in a spaceship, as you are forced to wage war against the others in the middle of space. EVE Online is 13 years old, making it one of the oldest multiplayer games that are still being played. Even though the game is old, CCP Games are always adding new updates and expansions, keeping the players invested in their game. EVE Online includes 4 races, character resculpting and clothing, and many other features.

It has over 7,000 star systems, 500,000 players and a lot of strategic features to it. Steam has offered us an excellent weekend deal. The game has offered 3 different options :

  1. Playing it for absolutely free until the weekend deal expires
  2. Buying EVE Online – Core Starter Pack, which is 75% off its original price during the weekend deal
  3. Buying EVE Online – Premium Edition , which is 50% off until the weekend deal expires

If you enjoy a game that contains humongous open world, full of strategic thinking, enemies, and complex mechanics, this might be the right time to try it out. The offer ends on Monday at 10PM Pacific Time. If this article  piqued your interest, be sure to visit Steam for the offer.



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