The creators of EVE Online, CCP Games, just announced that the updated version of the game called EVE Online: Ascension is going to be available very soon. For those who are not familiar with Ascension, it’s basically the same game but with new important features that will improve the game. The maintenance, in which the game is going to be updated, is taking place Tuesday, November 15th.

The main feature of EVE Online: Ascension is Clone State. This brings a new clone technology to New Eden. The technology brings the Omega clone for all the subscribed players and the Alpha clone. The Alpha clone gives the players the opportunity to get a subscription to EVE Online for free. The CCP Games crew decided that making a video will be the best way to introduce Clone State.


Along with that, new players are introduced with more guides from the game. The player-new experience is completely updated so all the beginner players will take less time to understand the mechanics.


The downtime for the maintenance begins 11:00 UTC, but the update will take a long time which means no set duration for the deployment. For more information about this humongous update, visit the patch notes over on EVE Updates.



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