Escape From Tarkov focuses on natural instincts and survivability. Surviving in the City of Tarkova can be tough considering that you will be affected by things such as massive exhaustion, hunger, and armed enemies. Today, we are going to talk about the features that the game currently has in Alpha. The purpose of the game being out in Alpha Testing is finding and fixing as many bugs during the development. From the start the developers are going to find as many errors, adjusting them and adding more content.


Battlestate Games have leaked some ordinary functions that will definitely be implemented in the complete game. The main menu will contain content such as: Settings, Inventory, Gear Tab(Grants you the ability to equip your character with various items and gear), Overall Tab(Character stats, 3D model of the character), Health Tab (Medical condition of your character), Skills Tab, Map Tab, Notes, Trade, Faction and Location selection.

Some simple game mechanics that will be implemented in the game are as follows: Simple character movement(crouching, jumping, sprinting, opening and closing doors), medkits, and painkillers, weather, reloading ammo, and so on).

If you want to see all the content that the official game will have, visit their official post.

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