Energy_Heroes_logoComing from DSC Studio22, we are introduced to the new MMO shooter game called Energy Heroes. We can freely say that this game is a good balance between our typical TPS and MOBA. The story is set in the near future where the player is given a choice to pick his/her mercenary and dominate the battlefield.

Even though there are different roles, such as assault, protector, infiltrator, and auxiliary, to choose from, something we are used to, we can additionally choose between three different races. The humans, the Nemals, and the Jorvaks. As it seems, the races will decide which role you’ll be playing in the game. The map seems to be fairly simple and easy to learn. Each team starts from their respectful base and their main goal is to destroy the opponents’ module. On the way to victory, the teams will collide with each other and, with the help of the drones, they will try to destroy the main objectives.Arch_Sizes

From what we’ve seen, we can say that this really reminds us of Team Fortress. Could this be a successor? We only hope it will be as good as or even better than TS. All in all, feel free to join many other players in Early Access and try it out for yourself. We are sure you’ll like it!


What do you think about Energy Heroes? Did you try it out? Let us know in the comments!

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