Endless Space 2, the sequel from the infamous two-time Unity-award winning Endless Space, is a 4X strategy game developed by AMPLITUDE Studios¬†and published by SEGA. The game takes place in space and it puts you in the role of a leader of an entire civilization. You’re the one that is in charge of evolving your people while also exploring through space.

Your story starts in a galaxy that was first inhabited by the people called Endless. The Endless is a civilization that used to exist eons ago and now the only pieces of their existence are powerful artifacts and a magical substance called Dust.

The difference between the first installation with the second installation is the pure size of the universe. The new Galaxy Generator is much more advanced with plenty of unique star systems to explore, luxuries to discover, planets to colonize.


Build a civilization by developing your planets to be everything from respected stellar fortresses to developing a beautiful planet with plenty of astonishing things within it.

The makers of the Endless Space 2 have said that they plan on keeping the game in Early Access for approximately 4 to 6 months. When asked what new features the fully released version of the game will have in comparison to the Early Access version, they counted down a couple of huge differences:

  • More civilizations
  • Advanced Galaxy Generator
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Expanded gameplay
  • More battle maps
  • More battle plays

For more information about Endless Space 2, visit Steam.

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