Sometimes, you just have to go for style points. It’s easy to get lost in the standard updates, and the regular patches that make games playable. But sometimes, you really just need to give people something cool, or unexpected. Something that’ll make them smile and go, “That’s cool”, or, “I never would’ve thought of getting!” Elsword is very good at doing that. Now, they’ve done it twice in a row.

Two new updates have made their way into Elsword yesterday. The first is a Frozen Tree. Yes, a full-on Frozen Tree. What’s the purpose of it? Well, it matches your Frozen Pixie outfit quite well! Also, you can take pictures of yourself on the tree, as well as add it to your place to make it much more unique. Cause nothing says unique like a Frozen Tree.

Also though, the new Dark Bishop costume was unveiled. Now, you can dress up like a member of the Holy Order, and show it off to other players, as well as the monsters you aim to “purify” in the name of the Order. Have fun!

In case you don’t know, Elsword Online is a side-scrolling beat’em up game that gives you the unique virtual experience of playing a moving comic book. It’s literally defined as “playing your own manga”, and it has that kind of versatility. The game first launched in Japan and Korea, and became a huge hit there. Then it came to the US and other countries for more to enjoy, and its success has grown because of it. So, if you’re looking for a manga style RPG, Elsword is definitely the one to do.


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