On September 7th, KOG Games announced the 3rd Job Path Update for Elsword’s demonic dual character, Luciel.

The story behind these two, Lu and Ciel, is quite interesting.

Lu was a demon princess that was bound and shackled by powerful throne usurpers. She was left to rot in her own kingdom, having lost all hope of escaping, she silently waited for her death. Then Ciel, a hitman who came upon the tired Lu and felt like he had to help her, did everything he could to help her recover, and for that kindness, he paid with his life. The vile usurpers will stop at nothing to kill Lu and secure the throne for themselves. But, when all seems lost and all hope is gone, Lu and Ciel merge and become one. The tiny amount of Lu’s infernal godlike power is tied to Ciel’s ultimate sacrifice, binding the two for all eternity. The newly formed being is called Luciel.


[blockquote cite=”KOG Games”]“Be Evil! Play For Free! Play Your Manga!”[/blockquote]

Luciel is a dual character that has two characters sharing one body, so pick whatever suits your playstyle. If you like heavy-hitting and brawling, pick Lu. If you’re more of a mid-to-long range type of person pick Ciel and blast away! Master the switch of these two and become unstoppable!



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