If you were one of the players that waited for the new PlayStation 4 Pro to play the Elder Scrolls Online in native 4K, your wait is over!


Players are quite excited to see how the Elder Scrolls Online looks in 4k, but a fair amount of confusion occurred as players got confused with the underwhelming improvements to the graphics. The reason for this is the monitor that’s being used. If you’re not using a 4k monitor the enhanced 1080p only gives you better lighting, water reflections, and shadow fidelity.


Other players said that you have to choose between the enhanced 1080p and the native 4K, as you apparently lose the improved lighting, water reflections, and shadow fidelity when you run the game in native 4K, which sounds pretty lousy.


On the other hand, some players report that the enhanced 1080p  mode helps with the performance quite a lot. Places that had huge frame rate drops on the normal PS4 run much better on the PS4 Pro, which helps quite a lot, especially if you’re playing a squishy character that dies in a second if the game freezes even for one moment.


Some players seem to be disappointed with the PlayStation 4 Pro, while others seem to enjoy the improved performance. We just have to wait a bit more and see just if it’s worth your money!


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