The Elder Scrolls Online

If you’re confused by that title, don’t be, I’ll explain. In MMO and MMORPGs, there’s a common trend (that’s bad taste, and often times forbidden mind you) where players will use special programs or actions to control their player character to do certain things for them, and then do it again and again. All this while the person is not technically at their computer controlling these characters. This is called Botting, and it’s wrong. And for Elder Scrolls Online players, it’s an annoying problem currently.

Bots can do ¬†anything they’re programmed to do, and usually they’re used for menial tasks. In the case of Elder Scrolls Online, that’s crab farming. Still confused? I’ll explain further. In ESO, more specifically at Drowned Coast Dolmen in Greenshade there are mudcrabs that players can go and kill. They do this for gold, achievements, and even to level up. But bots can literally travel a route to where all the mudcrabs spawn, kill them, then run off to another spot and repeat. No hesitation, no instruction needed after activation, they just keep doing it.

By doing this, they’re technically cheating the game, and even other players who are trying to kill crabs too, but are getting blocked by the bots. Adding to the frustration is the fact that numerous players have reported these bots to developer Zenimax, and yet, no action has been taken. As you’ll see from these posts, many players have reported the same bot multiple times, and yet nothing has happened. Causing massive frustration on numerous levels.

If allowed to continue, some players may even leave Elder Scrolls Online, which would be a bad thing for Zenimax. What do you think about these bots? Or about how Zenimax isn’t responding to player requests to get rid of them? Let us know in the comments below!


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