The Elder Scrolls-themed MMORPG, the Elder Scrolls Online, has been in the news recently because of their massive Morrowind DLC coming to players in June. That doesn’t mean that their normal goings-on can’t continue, however, and so today they released their May Crown Store Showcase.

The Crown Store Showcase is a monthly announcement which gives players a glimpse of all of the items that will become available during the coming weeks in the Crown Store. This month we’re seeing a new mount, pet, a number of new costumes, and a motif as well. Let’s first take a look at the costumes.

First up are the Argonian-inspired clothing items, the “Ever Damp” Reed-Fiber Kilt, the “Upriver” Striped Sash-Kilt, and the Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes. The Ever Damp and Upriver kilts will be available on the 4th of May while the Marshlord robes will be coming to the game on the 18th.

Elder Scrolls Online May Crown Store Showcase Costumes

Next comes the Breton-centric costume, dubbed the Wayrest Suede Doublet Ensemble, for those of you who like a little nobility in your costumes. It’s a smart blue outfit which will be available alongside the Marshlord robes on the 18th of this month.

Elder Scrolls Online Wayrest Suede Doublet Ensemble

The motif coming out this month is simply titled Celestial. The most striking pieces of armor that can be created from this motif seem to be the helmets, as they are blank-face masks. Very threatening indeed, this motif will be available on May 11th.

Elder Scrolls Online Celestial Motif

The last two items that we’ll be seeing in the Crown Store this month are the Hearthfire Kagouti mount, and the Craglorn Welwa pet. These hellish creatures are sure to make any character look fearsome but you can judge for yourself. The Mount, according to the Elder Scrolls Online post, is “a wizard’s experimental melding of a carnivorous reptile and a flame atronach” and it certainly shows. It will be available as of the 25th of this month

Elder Scrolls Online Hearthfire Kagouti

The Craglorn Welwa pet, available on the 4th, is a monstrous creature claimed as a pet primarily by the Iron Orcs. Its multiple sets of eyes and row of pointed teeth would certainly be enough to scare off even the bravest of passing adventurers.

Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn Welwa Pet

And that wraps up the Elder Scrolls Online May Crown Store showcase. Do any of these items look interesting to you? Will you be purchasing any of them when they are released into the game? Let us know in the comments!


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