Elder Scrolls Online has officially gotten its long anticipated Homestead update via┬áv2.7.5. In it, you’ll now be able to create your own home, and fill it up with up over 2,000 decorations, furniture, and other knick knacks and do-dads that make a home a home.

But that’s not all, because the new version also features Master Crafting Writs, and four new Motifs. Along with new itemization in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. Zenimax detailed the massive update (which is no joke at 3.36 GB) on the Elder Scrolls Online forums. Below are the highlights for getting a home and maintaining it.

As stated, the big allure with Homestead is…well…getting a Homestead. There are 39 homes that you can purchase, and they’re spread out across the realm of Tamriel. Now, there are different types of homes, such as Inn Rooms, Apartments, Small Homes, Medium Homes, Large Homes, and Manors. There’s a set count for each one, so be sure to look for what you want and get it quick.

With the update, you can purchase a house via gold or crowns, and once you do, it’s yours! You will not have to pay rent, or pay certain costs over time. The house is yours forever. Now, when you decorate your home, you will have a limit on what you can “show off”. But, the bigger your home, the more you can have. If you have an ESO membership, that limit is doubled.
Homestead Elder Scrolls Online

What’s that? You want to make sure only certain people get in your homes? Or have no one enter your homes? You can do that! You can actually set restrictions for who can and cannot enter your residence. You can even ban people if you so choose…but please use that option wisely.

We’ve BARELY scratched the surface of the Homestead DLC and what it brings. For a full breakdown, check out the Elder Scrolls Online forums, and be prepared for a big read!


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