After being in Closed Beta for a little over three months, Elder Scrolls: Legends has finally entered Open Beta! That means anyone interested in the game can freely experiment with it. Head over to the official website in order to download the game. There will not be any progress resets from this point onward, so the cards you collect are yours to keep.

ES Legends - Join Beta

If you’re not familiar with Elder Scrolls: Legends, then the reminder of this article is a quick summary for you. To read a more detailed post regarding the game and its unique mechanics, check out the first impressions article I wrote.

Elder Scrolls: Legends is a turn-based CCG developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. Its cards are based on The Elder Scrolls universe, and will be recognizable by fans of the series. It features both PvE and PvP modes to appeal to both types of gamers.

Hearthstone players will find many similarities between the two games, but Elder Scrolls: Legends innovates upon different aspects of traditional card games to set itself apart. The game features a two-lane battlefield which restricts interaction between creatures in separate lanes. Additionally, a unique system of runes and prophecies will force veterans of the genre to adapt to an entirely new play style. For an educational discussion of both runes and prophecies, read the article that I wrote regarding them.

Lastly, watch the gameplay overview video for Elder Scrolls: Legends to receive a basic understanding of its gameplay:


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