When Overwatch was launched it had 12 maps, which is a reasonable amount. But as the months passed and more matches were being played, players probably needed something to refresh the gameplay. Well, that won’t be an issue because Blizzard has announced that the newest addition to the map list. Eichenwalde is now available for testing on the Public Testing Realm(PTR).


Currently, the map can be played in either Quick Play or Competetive rotations.  Eichenwalde has a medieval look to it which is obvious, looking at the constructions of the buildings and towers. Anyways, the site used to be a large battlefield during the Omnic Crisis. Inside Eichenwalde, is  a huge castle that contains the remains of Balderich von Adler. One team must escort a battering ram to Eichenwalde Castle to collect Balderich’s remains from his current resting place, while the other team attempts to prevent the keep from being breached.

In addition to Eichenwalde, a new Brawl will also be available.

Besides that, 2 new skins for Reinhardt are also available on the PTR.

For more information about the upcoming map and more, visit Blizzard’s official post here.

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