World of Tanks’ collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles has brought about two new tanks to mobile game World of Tanks Blitz.


The first of the two tanks is the Edelweiss, the heroic entity from the popular Sega title Valkyria Chronicles, formerly commanded by the story’s protagonist Welkin Gunter, the commander of Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia’s 3rd regiment. The tier VII tank Edelweiss offers a distinct balance between offence and defence in Blitz, sharing familiarities with the German medium tank, the Panther. The Edelweiss boasts an armor rating of 90mm frontal and 40mm sides and back, strikingly similar to the Panther’s 85/50/40 armor ratings. The tank also runs with 850hp in a 38 ton chassis, with average firing rates and penetration abilities.


The Nameless tank also appeared in Valkyria Chronicles, this time as the assault vehicle for the Gallian army unit Squad 422. It takes its name from the unit being made up of deserters and criminals who had erased their names. The Nameless is a Tier VII heavy tank with an armor rating of 150mm/80mm and 40mm around the front, back and sides. With a weight of 62 tons, it reaches top speeds of 32kph, with an engine rating of 750hp. The Nameless bears a resemblance to the Tier VIII Tiger II, with it being difficult to attack from the front.

World of Tanks Blitz is now available on the App Store for iOS and Android’s Google Play store.






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