For some gamers, there’s nothing worse than playing a game that isn’t stable. Meaning that the game is hard, or near impossible, to play because of framerate issues, or not being able to perform certain actions. Thankfully, should this happen, and the developers know¬†about it, they can ensure that it gets fixed via a patch. This is exactly what has been done for Earthlock: Festival of Magic. As the team at Snowcastle have released a patch that will fix many of the issues that have plagued the game recently.

This includes, of course, framerate issues and stability issues that players have noted. Another bug they have fixed is one where the player character will actually fall through the ground randomly. This appears to be a fault with the Unity engine, but the team has made a workaround that’ll not hinder the player until they can do a more permanent fix.

Other fixes for this patch include turning off the occlusion for the cameras, as they were somehow causing certain computer setups to crash. Certain colliders have also been adjusted so it should be much harder to get stuck.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

In terms of optimization, cutscenes have been worked on to ensure proper framerate throughout, including some reflections being turned off in various cutscenes and the ground no longer casting shadows in real-time. Lighting has been adjusted and more fixed, the VFX for Earthlock: Festival of Magic have been adjusted, depth-of-field has been turned off in battle scenarios, and much more have been done to ensure quality and stability throughout the game.

For those who don’t know, Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a grand-scale RPG that has players at first just trying to save their uncle from a cult, but soon find themselves on a massive adventure to save the world. It was mad by a group of people who love RPGs and JRPGs and wanted to capture the magic that made them fans of the genre. It’s available on Steam now.


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