Wanted to glide the blue sky, but you never could since humans obviously don’t have wings and flying in a plane just isn’t the same? Well, now, thanks to Eagle Flight and Virtual Reality technology, you can experience the thrilling experience of flying as an eagle in Paris.


In Eagle Flight’s 101 video we get to see the game modes available in the game, enemies that you will face and collectible that you can acquire.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaFA9cCaLHs[/embedyt]

You have three game modes to choose from: Free Flight, Multiplayer, and Story.In the Story, you go on a journey as an eagle that’s trying to conquer the deserted city of Paris. The story is divided into five chapters that you will go through to achieve your goal to make a nest on the highest building in Paris.


If you’re more of a multiplayer guy, you can go and play the Multiplayer mode with five other players in a “capture-the-pray” kind of situation, which sounds very interesting. You’ll have different kinds of enemies to face off against in the Story mode, such as the vulture, the bat, and the falcon. Each of them will have their own unique traits and attacks, for example, the bat’s powerful echo shield can block your attacks, so you have to plan and execute your plans perfectly.

In the end, if you just want to glide in air and chill with your eagle homies, you can go into Free Flight mode, where you automatically get matched with five other players to fly around with calmly and no object to complete!


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