Ubisoft is by no stretch of the imagination unfamiliar with the E3 arena. They have press conferences often, and as of the last few days have enlisted the beautiful and humorous Aisha Tyler to host on their behalf. While her entertaining nature is always a high point, it’s not the only perk of watching Ubisoft’s E3 press conference. They always announce exciting games.

If there were ever a company that I would credit for diving in and confronting some of the most varying sets of genre’s in the entire video game industry, it’s Ubisoft. There aren’t many other places you can go to see a party game, a stealth action game, a tactical open world shooter, and a South Park RPG in the same press conference.

asf535Among the biggest games announced last year, one of Ubisoft’s that struck a chord with a large audience was a new installment in the Ghost Recon series known as Ghost Recon: Wildlands. If there’s any game I expect to see at the forefront of their Monday afternoon presentation, it’s that one.

Every year there’s a stage performance associated with the Just Dance game series, which always manages to create hype. Party games are key to the industry, and Ubisoft knows how to bring them to people’s attention.

Ubisoft has stated that they’re interested in taking a break from their critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series, to evaluate what made the older games charming, and make sure that they’re not losing that in favor of a more serialized franchise.

Their most recent announcement was a sequel to Watch_Dogs. With this franchise having gotten off to a rocky start, this game will likely focus on repairing some of the more flawed aspect of the original.

Ubisoft has a strong history at these conferences, and hopefully this year manages to live up to that tradition.


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