3040548-trailer_duelyst_cutscene_20160405Duelyst¬†has finally received a patch. Even though the plan was to release it in the middle of the month it was a bit late. But still, from everything we’ve seen this patch brings a ton of fun and nice looking stuff. As always, this will be a brief rundown of the most important and notable changes. Everything else can be checked on the official site. The link for it will be at the end.

This patch could be called cosmetic patch because we are getting a ton of new emotes, card backs, profile avatars and prismatic cards.

So let’s start with the last, prismatic cards. even though these cards won’t provide you with some special ability in-game, they surely look nice. Spirit Orbs are the main source for these cards because they offer a possibility¬†for each card to become Prismatic.

After this patch, Armory has been filled with new cosmetics such as Profile avatars, Card backs, and Emotes. Anyone will find something they like because the list is really long. To be more precise 200 new cosmetic items have been added.

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All in all, we are looking forward to customizing our profile in a way that will reflect who we are.

As we promised earlier, for more information about the patch check out the official site.


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