Real-Time Strategy games are not a common sight nowadays so new ones are always welcome. Especially those that claim that their game is a revolution of the RTS genre. So what exactly is this glorious new revolutionary game? Well, it’s called Dropzone, and from what we can tell from the trailer, it’s going to be an MOBA/RTS hybrid of sorts.


The trailer is quite flashy and hectic so you have to watch carefully to see what’s going on. The first thing we see is one of the units constantly changing parts.┬áNow we still don’t know what exactly we are going to be able to customize, but they do promise thousand of options and that’s quite the number. It would be pretty cool to have an RTS where you can personally customize every single unit, but we still don’t know if that’s what this is going to be.dz1

They units we see in the trailer all feel independent since all of them have 4 abilities and that’s something that we see in MOBA’s, not in strategy games. It’s interesting to think about how that will turn out.


Developers of Dropzone also promise us 15-minute battles, which is surprisingly short for an RTS game. That could mean that base building and resource gathering are going to play a small part or none at all. A risky move, but we will have to wait and see the final product before we can judge!

Official site of the game can be found here!

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