Jackbox Games has published some of the most popular party games to-date. If their name doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sure either Quiplash or Fibbage will. From Jackbox Games comes a sequel to the highly successful doodling game, Drawful, Drawful 2.

Drawful 2 - Logo

Drawful 2 keeps the core mechanics of the original Drawful while implementing additional features, such as the ability to add user generated prompts and built-in support for streaming.

For anyone unaware, in Drawful, players take turns drawing a given prompt (and usually miserably failing to do so accurately). The other players then have to type what they think the drawing is of. Here’s the catch: the goal isn’t to correctly guess the prompt, instead, players should send answers that everyone else might enjoy.

After all answers are submitted, everyone, including the potentially enormous audience, will vote for their favorite answer. The answer with the most votes wins the round.

Drawful 2 - Drawing

It’s worth noting that only one person needs to own the game. Other players will be able to join a game room, or its audience, by entering the appropriate room code on the official Jackbox website. A phone or tablet will serve as your controller, making the game accessible for the majority of people.

Be sure to watch the official Drawful 2 trailer below:

If Drawful 2 interests you, you can purchase it for only $8.99 on Steam until June 27th. After June 27th, the price will normalize to $9.99. Be wary! The game is very addicting!

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