Dragon’s Dogma Online is the MMORPG developed by the brains at Capcom. Some of their most familiar titles might be those of the Street Fighter and Mega Man franchises. They have recently revealed a trailer showcasing content from the 2.0 iteration of their title, Dragon’s Dogma Online. 

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XsBcE9V0XA[/embedyt]

Some of this content will likely have a stronger focus on the main storyline. Of course with this will come new regions, dungeons, monsters, gear, and much more. See the trailer above for a look at this content straight from Capcom.

dragons-dogma-online-update-2.0-1For those unaware Dragon’s Dogma is actually a rather long standing action RPG franchise, under Capcom’s belt for many years. The sequel, Dragon’s Dogma Online is relatively new and operates on the free-to-play model. Though nothing has been confirmed as far as a western release, the previous title did see localization in NA and Europe as well as Australia. So hope still stands.

The MMORPG content unveiled in the trailer showcases some new aspects of the narrative, as well as some of the interesting new gear and overall deepened mechanics.

Fans of Dragon’s Dogma Online should stay tuned and keep up with the ever-changing quality of this interesting title. Hopefully a western release will come somewhere down the line.



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