Go Super Saiyan once again in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! This exciting new installment in a series of Dragon Ball themed fighting games has just had its newest press release, covering information including characters and new modes of play.

Dragon-Ball-Xenoverse-2The big exciting character announcement has to do with everyone’s favorite Saiyan Prince in a time of great mental turmoil. Players can take to the battlefield as Majin Vegeta and show Kakorot what they’re truly capable of.

Enhanced gameplay modes will allow players to take their individual avatars to battle against the warriors of the world once more. This time, there will be some incredibly unique modes with special boss fights and much more.

One major mode highlighted in the press release is the Expert Mission Mode which will allow players to participate in 6v1 battles against unique bosses. There are reportedly twice as many parallel quests, including some remakes of quests from the original game. The overall theme here appears to be the enhancement of multiplayer modes and the allotment for players to use their avatars in more unique ways.

Whether you’re a Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, or otherwise, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be available to you on PS4, Xbox One, and PC Digital starting on October 28th.


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