Dragon Ball: Xenoverse changed the face of Dragon Ball fighting games forever. With its emphasis on character creation, and is strong level of attention to detail, it’s no surprise that this game would get a sequel. But can we truly expect Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to break new ground? Or will it fall flat and leave us in another Dragon Ball Drought (had to).

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2For starters, the first of these two games already addressed all of Dragon Ball Z’s primary narrative. From Saiyan Saga to Majin Buu, and even Battle of Gods, the first game covered all canon content pretty seamlessly. With Xenoverse 2 once again taking the fight to repair history approach, it’s no wonder that they’ll be covering the movies instead of the main story. Or at least that’s what the trailers would imply.

It’s a little bit difficult to take a story that’s already been presented in full time and time again and make it feel new, so hopefully this game will over a larger amount of original content. That would definitely make it stand out compared to others.

Broly is one enemy that I truly hope takes center stage for a large portion of the game. He’s arguably the most interesting DBZ villain.

I’m curious to see if the game will take the risk and cover the story of Dragon Ball Super. Though new, the anime has already established quite a bit, and so this game would have a lot to gain from covering that. The newest arc especially, has a lot more narrative depth than most from Dragon Ball’s past.

With Majin Vegeta entering the fray, they might go into greater depth for the Majin Buu saga. I wouldn’t be opposed to that. All we can do is wait as this game approaches its launch date at last!


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