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DRAGON BALL Fusions is the next Dragon Ball game that we’re getting on the Nintendo 3DS  and people from America can expect it on December 13th, 2016.


Dragon Ball is an anime franchise about a bunch of guys that yell and then get stronger, with their hair also becoming longer and yellow. Even though this might sound funny to the reader, the Dragon Ball franchise survived for over ten years and it even has an anime series airing today! This being said, we also have quite a few games out there that are based off the anime, trying their best to make a game where you can achieve these monstrous combos that can destroy a mountain without much effort.

As the other games were, DRAGON BALL Fusions is also an action-RPG game that puts together fighting, customization, and collecting elements, all with the goal to make you feel like you’re in the world of Dragon Ball. As always, there’s a huge roster of characters for you to pick, ranging from the original Dragon Ball and even to the latest Dragon Ball Super. Try the game’s original story in the Adventure mode or hop into the Multiplayer Battle mode to test your fighting capabilities and see if you’re the stronger Super Saiyan! You will also get the option of fusing various characters which will give you a ton of possibilities to try out.

Image: shonengamez
Image: shonengamez

The game looks promising and even if it ends up being bad, the name alone will attract buyers, but let’s hope that it delivers and provides an enjoyable Dragon Ball experience!



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