Diadem, also known as Exploratory Missions, is back to Japanese MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV.

After being removed by the developers, who intended to implement changes, the Exploratory Missions are back to FINAL FANTASY XIV. Previously popular for the Pegasus mount, patch 3.55b brings a plethora of changes to Diadem, including modes and how rewards are handled.


The first difference players will notice is that Diadem isn’t available in different difficulties anymore. Instead, the map can be explored in two instances: Trials of the Fury, meant to Disciples of War and Magic, and Trials of the Matron, targeting Disciples of the Land. The minimum requirements for participating in Exploratory Missions are level 60 Disciple of the War or Magic, an average iLvl (item level) of 179 (Trials of the Fury requires at least iLvl 220), a party of up to 24 (if entering from the Free Company Workshop) or eight players (if entering from Ishgard’s airship landing), and having completed the “Heavensward” storyline. Both missions have a time limit of 60 minutes.

There are no role restrictions when participating from the Free Company Workshop. Furthermore, even though players may begin the mission as an alliance, inside the Diadem the parties will be treated as separate entities. Each party in the alliance must have a Free Company member as the party leader and each will require their own airships, meaning a full alliance will make use of four airships, one for each full-party. Finally, a tank of mission ceruleum, which can be purchased from the mammet for company points, is necessary for access to the Diadem.

It is also possible to undertake Exploratory Missions from Ishgard. Accessing the Diadem this way can be done either solo or in a party of up to eight players. Role restrictions don’t apply for full-parties, but may for light-parties depending on the mode. Each member must have in their possession a mission ceruleum voucher, which can be purchased from Jaquoinie (The Pillars, x:14.5 y:10.9) in exchange for gil.

Before taking part in Exploratory Missions, either from the Free Company Workshop or Ishgard, players must wait at least thirty minutes after the previous mission’s completion. This timer is shared between both types of missions.

FINAL FANTASY XIV is a Japanese MMORPG developed and published by Square Enix for Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3, with the PlayStation 3 support slated to end upon Stormblood‘s release in June. For more information on Diadem’s changes to loot rules, rewards, and further details, please refer to the official patch notes at The Lodestone.


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