Besides the seasonal event of the Darkening of Tristram, which took place back in January, one of the announcements to come out of Blizzcon 2016 regarding Diablo III was the eventual introduction of the Necromancer class.

We are yet to see the newly added class go live in the game as of yet, with players raising the question as to whether any of the Necromancer’s gear will be making its way into the Public Test Realm (PTR) at some point. It has since been revealed that there’s an invite-only closed beta for the class, which will add content as it progresses.

This revelation was confirmed by Blizzard community manager Nevalistis, who responded:

This is correct! Right now we are focusing testing on just the skills and passives available in the Necromancer Closed Beta.

The currently ongoing beta test features the new Necromancer class, as well as the rest of the content made available by the 2.6.0 patch. This includes two new Adventure Mode zones, improvements made to Set Dungeons, new Challenge Rifts and new bounties at four new Act 4 Waypoints.

Those who wish to be invited to the Necromancer CBT will need to opt into beta testing via their profile settings in order to be in with a chance of being selected. An end date for the testing has yet to be confirmed by Blizzard, and they have confirmed that they will be inviting new players if they need them, so it is worth making yourself available in case you get the call up.


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