Since Blizzcon 2016, Blizzard have had a passionate response towards their announcement regarding the celebration of the Diablo franchise’s 20th anniversary. Whilst there was a generally positive reaction to the announcement at the opening ceremony of Blizzcon, in which the Necromancer class was announced, as well as the original Diablo game being included as timed event in Diablo 3 in January, a lot of fans have voiced their anger towards the reveal. Some fans would’ve preferred a remastered edition of one of the previous games, whilst some were expecting a brand new game altogether in the form of Diablo 4.

The discussion started when a user named mat82284 posted on the forum to voice his opinion. On the post, he expresses how disappointed he is in Blizzard for not releasing the remastered games. Besides that, he also mentions that they would have huge financial benefit from this.

I would have paid upwards of $100 for a 20th Anniversary Remastered 4k Diablo box set. Even more for special collectors edition version of it!

There are also a few players that are sticking up for Blizzard. One user, Ditronus, explained why he thinks the Necromancer expansion is good for Diablo fans.

I’m going to buy the Necromancer skin as a way of saying thank you to a company that produced content for years without needing to. I think that a great and equitable micro-transaction model would benefit Diablo as a franchise and its player-base.


Clearly, both sides have solid points. If you want to express on which side you are on, visit the discussion. For more information about the upcoming expansion, be sure to visit an article about the Necromancer.


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