First of all, happy new year and happy 20th anniversary to Diablo! Now that’s out of the way, fans are currently left wondering as to when the ‘Darkening of Tristram’ event will be starting within Diablo 3.

Announced at Blizzcon 2016, Diablo 3 players will take a nostalgic trip back to where it all began in a seasonal event called the ‘Darkening of Tristram’. This will open a portal in Old Tristram whilst in Adventure Mode, which will allow players to travel back to the events of the original Diablo game, boasts a 16-level dungeon and confrontations with the four original bosses.

Given the previous announcement that this was strictly a seasonal event set to last through the month of January, fans are beginning to wonder exactly when the update is likely to drop. Diablo celebrated its 20th anniversary on December 31st, and some players are left wondering as to when they will get to take the trip down memory lane, with threads opening up over on the official forums questioning its whereabouts.

Following the first day of Blizzcon 2016, a blog on Battle.net stated: “Join us in Patch 2.4.3 as the Darkening of Tristram kicks off and takes your nephalem back to the first time evil invaded a humble, tiny town in Sanctuary.” With Blizzard’s tendency to release patches for the game on Tuesdays, its more than likely that we will see that patch on Tuesday, January 3rd.

This speculation was reiterated by posts on a thread over on Battle.net, including a post from user Ten who commented: “It’s part of Patch 2.4.3. Patches normally goes out during Tuesday maintenance before next Season start. So since S9 starts on the 01/06, it should get deployed 01/03 (or could be 01/04 due to the holidays).”

The consensus appears to be that the patch will be implemented on January 3rd, though there is no confirmation as to whether we will be revisiting the original Diablo on this date or not. Its a wait and see situation until we hear further news, for now we can only hope we will be heading to Old Tristram sometime this week.



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