Diablo 3

A recent community discussion has highlighted an issue in Diablo 3, regarding the game’s vault system. The area, also known as Greed’s Domain, implements a timer system which has irked a community member, prompting a response from the game’s technical support.

The Vault is accessed as a special dungeon area from killing Treasure Goblins, which once in a while produces a yellow portal for players to pass through once the goblins are dead. This was introduced to the Reaper of Souls Patch 2.1, which takes players to a small and unusually designed area inhabited by a boss known as Greed. Defeating the Baroness of the Treasure Realm rewards a super-sized golden chest which drops from the sky, spawning tremendous riches for the player.

User kenshin1787 raised an issue with The Vault system in place, who stated the following: “I dont like how the timer starts as soon as you hit greeds strong box. if this is going to remain unchanged then when the strongbox lands it needs to kick out all other loot drops around it so that it isnt clicked un intentionally, or a better solution would be to give the vault a sort of “quest completion” like is done after a neph rift. as it stands, i just lost out on 3 of my first 10 legendaries because of your timer. Call it a bug, call it poor programming, call it what you want, but i’ll call it a problem.”

Diablo 3


Blizzard forums are often criticized by users for lack of response to issues across any of their games, yet this thread in particular prompted a response from Diablo 3’s technical support. The MVP technical support user MissCheetah disagreed with the original post, who responded: “Not a problem. The doors between areas ensures you can clean up each one before moving on. Once you get to Greed you should have nothing to pick up but the box which takes a few seconds at most. It may be you are not doing it in the stages they intended if you need to still loot anything beyond the box at the end.”

As the discussion continues, and whilst a lot of players concur with the support post that this isn’t actually an issue, some believe that this could prove a difficult problem for those who haven’t encountered Greed before, but the technical support stuck to previous guns stating that it wasn’t worth developer’s time in fixing when players could simply teleport back to town before returning to defeat Greed and snatch the loot.



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