Devilian is a fantasy MMOARPG. You already know these types of games, the gameplay is the same as Diablo III or Path of Exile. Devilian is a pretty solid title overall, succeeding in staying alive despite all the hard competition!

Most MMORPGs have some sort of summer event, and Devilian is no exception.

So what do you need to do exactly? Well, it appears that a massive shortage of tasty, cold summer treats hit Nala. So your job is to supply everyone with Ice Pops before they die in this horrible heat! You have from now until August 4th at 11:59 PM GMT to accomplish your task to keep the people cool and refreshed. All enemies within 6 levels of your own have a chance to drop these special summer Ice Pops that you need to collect! Get as many of them as you can as the Traveling Merchant in Asperon gives sweet summer goodies in exchange for them.


Rewards include Talisman Boxes, Ancient Dungeon Bounty Potions, Debuff Immunity Potions, Attribute Stones, Soul Healing Potions, Green through Purple Enigma Boxes, and even swimsuits! Some of them include the Dark Sea Swimsuit, Sandy Shores Swimsuit, Scorching Sun Swimsuit, and one for your weapon called the Fresh Marlin!

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