Footprints Games had a very promising showcase at the Milan Games Week 2016, so their game, Detective Gallo, started its funding campaign on the Eppela platform.


Footprints Games launched their crowdfunding campaign to achieve a goal of 15. 000€, which will help with the development of the game ( things like better animations, improved cutscenes, Italian and English dubbing and other things). If you become a backer, you’ll get a lot of awesome rewards, goodies, and gadgets, and you’ll even get to play the game with your exclusive rewards.

Detective Gallo is set in a shady city where five exotic plants became victims in a strange event. It’s multiple plant murder, but the citizens aren’t too fazed by this, except a certain multi-billionaire wants to play a pretty large sum of money if someone were to solve this mysterious case!


So, who accepted this strange request? Who other than Detective Gallo, who will try to solve this mystery with cynicism and sarcasm, which sounds pretty fricking interesting.

All in all, Detective Gallo brings some interesting comic and noir flavor to the point and click genre, and it’s even amazingly hand-illustrated and even hand-animated. Definitely a game to watch out for, as the whole premise and concept of a cynical, sarcastic rooster going around and solving puzzles is staggering!


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