Dark and Light will present a sandbox fantasy survival RPG upon release, which will give a wealth of customization possibilities to players. The Snail Games effort will offer plentiful freedom when it comes to exploration, crafting and overall skill development.

Another area in which Dark and Light players will have a high degree of autonomy is in the creation of their character. The Dark and Light character selection interface provides players with a ton of possibilities for their character appearance.

One particular area of said freedom is the high amount of customization options when it comes to creating your own character. Almost every feature of your character’s appearance can be modified, including the height, limb length, muscle size, hair length and facial hair. Facial bone structure can also be altered, including their chin, nose, brow and more.

These options can be used to reflect how players choose to approach the game. If they want to portray a strong, burly character, then do by building up a broad shouldered warrior with high strength, or perhaps choose long, gangly legs for travelling long distances. Either way, the options are there to cater for your in-game experience.

Once players have finished with their appearence, they will have six different styles of outerwear to choose from, from sturdy warrior armor, to hooded mag robes and more. According to Game Producer Yan, “We’re aiming for a world in which no two characters look the same.”

Dark and Light puts players in an immersive fantasy world inhabited by monsters, magic and much more, where they will be forced to survive through crafting and exploration techniques.


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