For Honor was really popular at Gamescom, and it got a lot of attention from players all around the world. Well, if you wanted to try the game out, you should sign up for the closed alpha and wait for September 15th to see if you get to play the game. The alpha is coming to the ┬áPlayStation┬«4, Xbox One and the PC, so all you need to worry about is whether you get accepted or not. The alpha will last from September 15th to September 18th, and if you’re looking to sign up, go to their official site at


The point of the For Honor closed alpha will be to test the multiplayer content with only a limited number of players that will be able to provide useful feedback and help assess stability. The test will offer skilled warriors from three different factions: the Knights, Vikings, and Samurais. Previously showcased Heroes; the Kensei, Orochi, Warden and Raider will be playable, and two new warriors are also coming, the Conqueror and the Berserker. Every Hero has a unique set of skills, weapons, armor and their own fighting style, so you can pick the one that represents your playstyle best.


You will have three out of the five multiplayer modes available for play in the alpha, so you can participate in the Duel (1v1 mode), the Brawl (2v2 mode) or the Dominion (4v4 mode). There are different maps for every mode, so there’s enough variety to keep things interesting for a while.


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