“FOR THE EMPEROR” we shout as another W40K: Inquisitor – Martyr trailer rolls out. This time, the 40K Action-RPG shows us environmental destruction. The video opens up with an Inquisitor who’s doing some remodeling . He fires his iconic bolter at a nearby pipe and tears some holes in it. The engine allows a spectacular destruction of the environment, and the trailer highlights it. We also have a first look at the cover system.  They are fixed obstacles of various durability, but all of them  crumble eventually under gunfire. Both the  Inquisitor and his enemies use the cover system which  adds a tactical layer to the game.

Enemies taking cover


How fast you tear down the thing that is shielding your enemy depends on your weapon. Bolters will slowly chip away at  it and eventually destroy it. Plasma guns, on the other hand, will melt down anything in their sight in just a few shots. Care is advised as some parts of the environment are hazardous.  Rubble falling on your head will probably cause more than just a headache. Pressurized containers go boom boom when shot so that’s also advised avoiding. Unless some enemies are standing near them.

All of this and more can be seen in the new



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