One of the biggest benefits for a game like Destiny is thatĀ it offers a lot of freedom to players in terms of weapons and gear. In fact, the game is famous for offering loads of them via quests, stores, events, and more. Given that there’s so much you can wield in the game, it’s not surprising that players have their favorites, and each one for a variety of reasons.

As such, Reddit User Oh_Wow_Dude asked the question of what other Destiny players favorite weapons were, after noting his own of course. HisĀ personal favorite is the Hand of Judgment with explosive rounds. For him, it’s a perfect weapon in PvE events, as its power just lets him lay waste to opponents in a wide area, while also allowing him the precision to perfectly place the rounds.

“Took me 11 months to get mine, but i got a good roll,” he states happily.

As for other players, the selection is as vast as Destiny itself. From weapons such as the Heavy Hand, the Queensbreaker, the mini Hawkmoon, Thron, Telesto, or even the Outbreak Prime.


Others even selected weapons that suit them for particular circumstances, like one player picked a weapon because of how it lets him do well in PVP play:

“Colovance Duty. This is my go to scout for PVP and I have taken out many snipers with it,” said user FranticGolf.

Other favorites include the Sleeper, The First Curse, the Boolean Gemini, Last Word, Grim Citizen, Lord of Wolves, The Supremacy, No Land Beyond, and many more.

“Definitely Plan C, simply because of how high the learning curve for the exotic perk is and how well rewarded you are for using it well.”

What are your favorite Destiny weapons? Are they ones that fit a need? Or are they just epic weapons to wield? Let us know in the comments below.


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