Madcap, one of Deadpool’s most memorable and insane nemeses makes a return on August 24th in Gerry Duggan’s DEADPOOL. Originally an enemy to Captain America back in his Nomad days, Madcap is an insane superhuman that represents and stands for purposelessness. After having his entire family die, and losing the ability to feel pain or die himself, Madcap lost all faith and purpose in life, and started spreading the philosophy of such by inciting violent riots.

DEADPOOL #17After months and many issues of comics without him, Madcap makes a return to the Deadpool comic series in issue #17 of DEADPOOL (2015). One of the last times we saw Madcap, he and Deadpool were sharing a body. DP asked Thor and Luke Cage to rip him in half, splitting him down the middle. Deadpool regenerated into his own body, and Madcap did the same. The two went their separate ways, and all was well. That is, until Madcap began impersonating Deadpool and ruining his life in any way he could. Using his own daughter as bait, Deadpool lured Madcap to a place where he could surprise attack him, equipped with a molecular disintegrator. In the ensuing fight, Madcap got a hold of the disintegrator and used it on himself, robbing DP of the satisfaction of killing Madcap once and for all.

Deadpool and MadcapTurns out Madcap wasn’t dead once and for all, since he’s back from the dead (and very ugly) in this newest issue. The clown prince of the Marvel universe is seeking revenge on Deadpool for disintegrating him, or rather for making him disintegrate himself. Whatever, he’s crazy. Given the history behind the two mouthy superhumans, you can bet the issue will be loaded with humor and crazy fights (at least one!). If you’re interested in checking out the full history of Madcap, check it out on Marvel’s own website here:

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