Dark and Light

Details regarding Dark and Light’s weather system have been revealed on their official website, detailing its influence on the environment and gameplay.

In Dark and Light, daylight lasts just under an hour in real time, which is enough time for you to explore as far and as wide as possible in the allotted time. This is particularly useful for tasks such as hunting, where the majority of creatures found are far less aggressive during to the day, with the daylight also making players less susceptible to attack. If skies are clear, players will be able to experience plentiful visibility when at high altitudes, taking in Dark and Light’s eye-catching surroundings. Night time however tells a different story. The more eerie and dangerous inhabitants come out to play, under the veil of darkness wielding dark magic and an aggressive nature.

As for the weather, this too can affect your experience within Dark and Light, as the elements take effect on your survival statistics. When it rains, players will be vulnerable to cold quicker, and become hungry in a shorter span of time. It isn’t all bad news, as you will become more hydrated in the rain, though players should take caution before setting out to roam long distances, and equip yourselves accordingly in preparation.

Dark and Light immerses players in a world of fantasy and magic, filled with mystery, monsters and much more. Players will be challenged to use their cunning and smarts in order to survive, using a combination of exploration, crafting and wielding powerful magic.


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