Dark and Light is a highly anticipated online multiplayer survival that will soon be available on Steam in an Early Access form. Snail Games, the developer, just revealed some unannounced creatures that will be present in the game.snailgames-logo

Before we take a look at these interesting creatures, let’s talk a bit about this amazing title.  Dark and Light revolves around survival in a multiplayer context, set in a fantasy world full of danger. Three opposing factions battle to dominate the world. The game is all about conflicts, PvP and besting both players and violent creatures. Dark and Light offers a uniquely complex character customization with over 12 races and 14 classes to choose from.

“The mountable yeti, volcanic creatures and high-flying griffins provide elemental magic that fuel Dark and Light’s world and provide invaluable resource for players of every level.”

But enough beating around the bush, let’s talk about these newly  revealed creatures that roam the world of the game.
First off, we have this giant fire elemental that pretty much reminds us of something we’ve seen in other MMORPGs, but the design is evidently awesome and matches its surroundings. We’ll probably need to carry around a bucket of water with these fellas around.


Next, we have a ferocious gorilla-like creature with a yeti face that actually seems more wise than dangerous. The frosty environment is also a sight for sore eyes.


The third revealed creature is clearly a kind of gryphon that is yet again something that has shown up in many games before. This is probably another creature that will be mountable.


Lastly, a not-so-friendly looking stone golem was also presented by Snail Games and not only do we like it’s burning eyes, but also the beautifully constructed environment behind this creature.


All of these newly showcased, any much more, will be soon viewable through the Steam Early Access of Dark and Light. Most of you probably realized that each creature has a corresponding element and will probably serve a great role in character progression. Stay tuned for more.


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